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Method Man recently took time to address the crowd at his Denver, Colorado show and spoke on Macklemore’s MTV performance. He revealed that while Macklemore can rhyme he was highly upset at the rapper walking on the crowd since it is in fact a performance addition Method Man has incorporated into his shows for years.

 “I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper on stage. This mothafucka had a lot of energy and was really, really enjoying his performance. I think his name is Macklemore,” said Method Man. “Don’t get me wrong, that mothafucka can rhyme, but as I’m watching his performance, I think this mothafucka [did something] that just pissed me off. He actually tried to walk on [the crowd]. I started that shit! That’s my shit!”

 Method Man later requested that the Denver crowd drop Macklemore “like a bad habit” if he ever attempted to crowd walk at a show in their city.

“Don’t get me wrong. When Macklemore come to ya’ll city, ya’ll show him all the love that ya’ll show Red and Meth, but if that mothafucka tries to do my walk on the crowd thing, I want Denver, Colorado to drop his ass like a bad habit,” Meth revealed.

 Although Macklemore’s mtvU Woodie Awards performance may have caught Method Man’s attention, numerous videos on YouTube prove that the rapper’s performance at the awards show was not the first time Macklemore attempted to walk on the crowd.

Amateur video of Method Man’s performance in Denver, Colorado can be found below.  

Danielle Harling

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